WordPress Website Maintenance Packages


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your WordPress website operates as it should, stays secure, and remains online without interruptions. Our maintenance packages ensure that our team handle the technical details of your website, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Regular Backups

Protects your data with frequent automated backups, securing it against loss from various threats.

Enhanced Security
Keeps your site safe from security threats by regularly updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
Uptime Monitoring
Prevents downtime by proactively resolving issues, ensuring your site is always available.
Improved Performance
Optimises your site’s database and code to boost speed and user experience.


Are you in Need of Regular WordPress Website Maintenance?

Just like your car, your WordPress website needs maintenance to keep it running properly. For most businesses their website is an important tool for sales, lead generation and branding, can you afford for your website to be down or not functioning properly?

If your website has gone a long time without an update, if you’ve lost contact with the developer who built the site, if you are seeing a bunch of update warnings or plugin updates in the backend of your website or the website is broken and has issues, CircleBC can help you with keeping everything running smoothly.

Regular maintenance is essential not only for the functionality and speed of your site but also for its overall security, preventing vulnerabilities and reliability. We will keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins updated, maintain backups, performance optimisation and health checks.  We can assist on an ad hoc or routine basis.


How can we help?

We understand that businesses have different requirements and budgets, we also understand that times are tough and we all need to be conscious of our costs. We have structured our maintenance and support packages to be as flexible, fair, honest and transparent as possible.

  • We can assist with regular and routine maintenance completed without your prompting or intervention.
  • We can complete ad hoc maintenance whenever you require
  • We bill in 1 minute increments, if a task takes 6 minutes, it will be billed as such and not rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes or 1 hour. 
  • All tasks are tracked in our help desk and you will be provided with a detailed timesheet on completion.
  • All hours on our maintenance plans or retainers will roll over to the next month indefinitely and will roll over to the next year unconditionally.

For those needing more than just maintenance, CircleBC also offers website development, support, plugin development, content updates (basic text changes, adding new pages, products, images, banners and promotions), malware and hack cleanups. We provide extensive support for WooCommerce, membership sites and learning management systems. We can assist with pretty much anything on your website that requires a developer.




Our WordPress Website

Maintenance Packages

CircleBC’s Tailored WordPress Maintenance Packages


Bronze Package:

Perfect for small-scale websites, this package includes essential features to keep your site secure and running smoothly. It’s tailored for bloggers, small business owners, and personal sites needing basic, effective maintenance.


Silver Package:

This is designed for sites with user registrations, like educational platforms and community portals and basic eCommerce sites. The maintenance itself takes a bit longer as there are more plugins and pages to check.


Gold Package

Our Gold package is suitable for eCommerce websites or larger corporate websites that have alot of plugins, integrations and require more care during the maintenance process.



Up to 3 hours of support and maintenance included

Suitable for simple, static websites

Package includes:


Full Website Backup


Staging Site Setup, Create Website Clone and Update


WordPress, Plugin and Theme Version Update


Basic Website Functions Testing


Fix Potential Issues After the Updates


Website Clean Up. Removing Inactive Plugins.


Deploy Staging Site Changes to Production Site.


Security Monitoring


Uptime Monitoring


Detailed Maintenance Report

Up to 5 hours of support and maintenance work

Suitable for Membership sites and basic ecommerce websites

Includes all from the Bronze Website package plus:

Membership Subscription Testing


User Testing Based on Different Membership and Customer Tiers


Checking Orders and Checkout is Working Properly


Testing of Custom Functions

Up to 7 hours of support and maintenance work

Suitable for larger corporate websites and ecommerce sites

Includes all from the Silver Website package plus:

Routine Image Compression and Performance Optimisation


Checking of SEO Optimisation


Checking Site Health and Security and Actioning Issues


Detailed Performance Scans Checking Memory Consumption of Plugins and Processes.

Custom Packages

Our Packages and the included hours can be customised to your needs. If you have a very simple website which doesn’t need much maintenance, or are happy to have automatic updates enabled and we can step in if there is an issue. Or if you have a very complicated site, where the above packages arent sufficient, we can structure a package tailored to your specific requirements.

Our goal is to work with you and your website for the long term and to ensure that your site runs well with minimal fuss.


Frequently Asked

For additional questions about our services or to discuss your specific needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help ensure your website runs smoothly.

+ What do you require to get started?

For all our packages, we require WordPress Administrator and either Website Hosting or Cpanel login credentials. These are essential for setting up or updating a staging site where initial updates are performed.

Access to your hosting account also allows us to address any issues immediately following updates. We are unable to perform updates without this information. We do not need to host your website to assist with support and maintenance.

+ Can the maintenance packages be customised to fit my specific needs?

Yes, there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to WordPress maintenance. We understand that every website and business has unique requirements, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that align with your goals and budget. If you have a limited budget but still want to have your site monitored and maintenance completed periodically, we can structure a package to meet that need.

Conversely, if your website is complex with alot of customisations and require ongoing support, we can structure our retainer to cater for that. So if you only have budget for 1-2hrs per month, or, if you have a mission critical website where you want to include support, development and maintenance and need 20hrs per month, we can assist accordingly.

+ What is the process for making changes or updates to my site?

When making changes or updates to your site, we follow a carefully structured process to ensure everything runs smoothly and your live site remains stable and secure.

1. Staging Site Setup:
Initially, we set up a staging site, which is a complete but private copy of your live website. We ensure that the staging site is updated with the latest copy of your production site, creating a duplicate of your main site for testing purposes.

2. Performing Updates and Changes:
All updates, changes, fixes, and tests are conducted on the staging site. This approach allows us to refine all modifications in a controlled setting without affecting your live site’s performance or user experience. It’s here that we check that any updates work and to catch any issues before it hits production.

3. Scheduled Go-Live:
Before making any changes live, we coordinate with you to confirm a maintenance schedule and allow you and your team to verify everything is working on staging prior to Go-Live. This ensures that the updates are implemented during off-peak hours or when it’s most convenient for you, minimising disruption to your live site. We then take a backup of your production site, including all web files and databases, to safeguard your existing data. Following this, we replicate the approved changes and conduct the same thorough testing on your live site.

4. Monitoring and Additional Support:
After the updates are live, we continue to monitor the site for any potential issues. If we encounter issues that require more in-depth fixes, we will inform you promptly and provide suggestions on the necessary steps to resolve the issues. Should you need further assistance, we are ready to provide a quote for additional support services.

By utilising this best practice and phased approach, we ensure that updates are applied smoothly and effectively, minimising risks and maintaining the integrity and performance of your website.

+ Can I request for content and plugin changes as part of the maintenance package?
While our standard maintenance packages focus primarily on keeping your site secure, updated, and running smoothly, they do not typically include content, plugin changes or general support. However, we understand that your website needs may evolve over time, requiring additional modifications to content or functionality.

If you find yourself needing extra work beyond the scope of the initial maintenance plan, such as updating content, altering plugins or making development changes, we are more than happy to accommodate these requests. Simply let us know what changes you are considering, and we will provide a customised quote based on your specific requirements. Alternatively if you have limited budget, we can complete the support work and delay the next round of maintenance till you have acrued sufficient hours.

This flexible approach allows us to provide targeted support that aligns with your website’s growth and changing needs, ensuring that your online presence is not only maintained but also continuously enhanced to meet your business objectives.

+ Who can I contact if I have issues or need support?

If you encounter any issues with your website or need additional support, you can easily reach out to us for prompt assistance. To get help, you have two convenient options:

1. Phone Support:
You can give CircleBC a call at 1300 978 073. Our customer support team is ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you might have.

2. Email Support:
Alternatively, you can send us an email via our support email address. This method will automatically generate a support ticket, which our team of developers will promptly take up. They will investigate your issue and provide a resolution as quickly as possible.

We are committed to providing excellent service and support to ensure your website functions perfectly. Our team is here to help you with any problems you might face, ensuring minimal disruption to your website.

+ How does billing work for maintenance services?

If you sign up for a maintenance package we can bill you via direct debit or you can pay monthly via recurring invoice. If you are only doing maintenance and support work on an ad hoc basis, we will send you a timesheet once the work is completed or at the end of the month along with an invoice for your reference.

For any work that is not completed in any given month, those support hours will rollover indefinitely from one month or year to another and do not expire, those hours can be used for whatever work you require and not just maintenance.

+ How can I cancel or change my maintenance plan?

We have no contracts in place for our maintenance services, if you would like to cancel just provide us 30 days notice and we will terminate the agreement and you can continue on an ad hoc basis. Any hours that haven’t been utilised can be used for support and development work.


Flexible, Honest and Reliable
WordPress Website Maintenance

Our team offers a range of WordPress Website Maintenance packages, designed to keep your site secure, updated, and running smoothly. Whether your requirements are in line with our standard packages or you require a more customised solution, just let us know what you need and we can tailor our services specifically for your site.

If your company is in need of a WordPress Website Maintenance Partner to assist you with the upkeep of your website, the team at CircleBC would love to take on that responsibility and work with you over the long term, please give CircleBC a call on 1300 978 073 for an obligation free initial consultation.

CircleBC have helped businesses throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart with WordPress Website Support.