Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Does Your Business Need Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

Are you having issues with your website?
Do you need to integrate a third party service with your site or extend functionality?
Do you need to run some automated reports or get metrics on certain website data including Sales or Order reports on your WooCommerce store and can’t find a suitable plugin?
Are you in need of a capable WordPress Development Team to build you a custom plugin?


CircleBC have years of WordPress Development experience, including custom plugin development, we can assist you with scoping up the plugin, deploying it and also support you with the ongoing operation of your website, all at an affordable hourly rate.
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Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Need Custom WordPress Plugin Development?

CircleBC provide a range of WordPress Website Support and WordPress Plugin Development Services, if you have an existing website and need to add functionality or new features to your website, you might need to get a custom Plugin Developed.

In the event that an off the shelf plugin is not available and you still need customisation work completed on your site, custom plugin development gives you the opportunity to expand the capability of your website without having to reconsider a rebuild or moving over to a different platform. We can work with you to document the requirements, provide a quote and then complete the plugin development.


Custom WordPress Plugin Development

How can we help?

Our team are WordPress plugin development experts, not only can we build the plugin for your site, but we can also assist you with ongoing WordPress Support and Maintenance services in the future. If you need some help with your website, feel free to get in contact with us, we would love to discuss your WordPress plugin development project with you.


WordPress Plugin Development Explained

There are over 54,000 plugins listed on, the actual number of plugins available is unknown, the sheer number of plugins and extensions available both free and paid and the functionality that they offer are one of the best parts of having a WordPress site. These plugins and extensions, can be installed into WordPress websites to extend their features and functionality.

Developing a custom WordPress plugin starts first with proper documentation and a clear understanding of your requirements, many developers will jump straight into the coding without having a proper understanding of the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Our team of expert WordPress developers have years of experience developing high quality customised WordPress plugins, whether it be a plugin to generate some customised reports, automate some processes or integrations into third party API’s, we can help. We will develop the plugin, test it with the rest of your website and ensure that it meets its purpose.

WordPress Plugin Development Services Overview

CircleBC can help you with the following custom WordPress plugin development services including:

  • WordPress plugin development, to implement new features and functionality, extending functionality of existing plugins
  • WordPress plugin installation – need some assistance in installing and setting up a plugin that you have purchased.
  • WordPress plugin customisation – if you have an existing plugin that you need modified, or functionality added to. This includes plugin upgrades, plugin modifications and plugin functionality enhancements.
  • WordPress plugin integration – you many need to integrate your WordPress Website to a 3rd party API or other software platform or cloud service where an integration is possible
  • Resolving Plugin Conflicts – sometimes installing a plugin can break your site, or output some error messages, we can assist you with resolving the plugin conflicts and getting your site back up and running properly.

WordPress Plugin Development Process

  • WordPress Plugin Requirements Gathering and Documentation
    We will work with you to gather your requirements, brainstorm ideas with you and understand all the interdependencies. This is an important step before starting any plugin development work.
  • Confirm if it is going to be Feasible to undertake the Custom Plugin Development Process
    We will work with you and perform some research to check if it is technically possible to implement the custom plugin you want to create, we will provide you with a quotation and a budgetary proposal, and you can determine if it is feasible to proceed.
  • Staged Plugin Development Methodology
    Depending on the complexity of your plugin, the Development of a Custom WordPress plugin can be split up into multiple stages, we can prioritise the most critical features and functionality and deploy a phased approach, ensuring that every release is tested properly prior to being pushed to production and that
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance, and continuous development
    When we complete the development of a WordPress Plugin for you, our relationship doesn’t have to end there. We can assist you with the ongoing support and maintenance of your Website and any ongoing development and customisation work in the future.
  • Transparency
    Any work we conduct on your website will be run through our ticketing system, meaning we will only charge you for time spent and can provide itemised timesheets of all work completed.

What are the next steps if you are interested in custom WordPress Plugin Development?

If you have an immediate requirement to get a custom plugin developed for your WordPress site. Why not give us a call on 1300 978 073 or send us an enquiry using the contact form, one of our expert consultants will organise a time to speak with you, capture your requirements for your custom WordPress plugin and work towards providing you with a quote.

CircleBC have helped businesses throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart with WordPress Website Support.