White Label WordPress Support

At CircleBC we have been delivering WordPress Support and Development Services for over 10 Years, we have developed or supported well over 400+ websites, we also partner with a number of businesses, digital agencies, marketing and IT companies, providing Web development services on their behalf in a white labelled capacity. We specialise and are well versed with all things WordPress, including building WP sites from the ground up or providing ongoing and adhoc support.


We work with businesses who may directly or indirectly offer website development as part of their core service offering. We have a number of partners where we assist them with the presales and quoting process to help them win the work, they markup our estimate, they may even complete the design work and then outsource all the development to our team.

Some of our partners manage customer communication internally or they entrust that responsibility to our team to interact directly with the end client.
With other partners we work directly with the client, invoice the client directly and then pay the client a commission on any work we complete.

We work with a number of digital agencies who have their own inhouse development team, but only utilise our services when one of their customers websites break or they have technical issues that are beyond the capabilities of their internal team. Rather than hiring additional resources within their team, they can utilise the skills of our developers on an adhoc basis.

We work closely with partners all over Australia helping them build and maintain WordPress Sites. We can adjust our engagement model based on your requirements and the complexity of the assistance that you need.

If you run a creative agency or only do basic template WordPress work, you can utilise our support for pre-sales to help you win more complicated projects, we are also happy to receive the designs from your creative team and we focus on the development, we are also more than happy to engage with the customer end to end including design, development, hosting and ongoing support.

We pride ourselves on being open, transparent and honest, and having long term mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and customers.

If your business is looking for a partner to Outsource Web development or Whitelabel WordPress Related work, the team at CircleBC can help you with the following.


White label WordPress Support

We provide adhoc WordPress support, website fixes when clients break sites, ongoing changes and content uploads, and assistance with Woocommerce and eCommerce management. We don’t mind working on sites we haven’t worked on before.

White label WordPress Development

We can assist with WordPress Development either using templates, custom themes or using your page builder of choice. websites from scratch, or coding changes on existing websites, both front end and back end changes. Functionality enhancements and upgrades.

White label WordPress Maintenance

We can provide adhoc or ongoing updates of WordPress Themes and Plugins, website maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your site is stable and secure.

White label WordPress Hosting

We have a number of options for fast and secure WordPress Hosting. We can provide options for Shared, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated hosting options, each hosting options is at different price point and can be tailored to suit your budget.


White label WordPress Security

We can assist with routine maintenance and security upgrades, website hardening, spam filtering and security upgrades over time. In the event that your website has been hacked or compromised, we can assist with the clean up and recovery of the site.

White label WordPress Plugin Development

If you are struggling to find a WordPress plugin to deliver the functionality you require, our team of developers can customise plugins or build custom Plugins and API integrations from the ground up.