Want to Migrate Your Ghost Website to WordPress?

Are you looking to migrate your Ghost website over to WordPress? Ghost is a free and open source minimalistic Blogging platform initially released in 2013. Ghost CMS is focussed towards blogging and is quite fast and good for SEO, however, Ghost does have a number of limitations which WordPress can resolve.  

Ghost is geared towards content creators whereas WordPress is more flexible platformin that WordPress websites can be used as a blog, as a brochure website, as a directory, membership site or eCommerce website. 

If your Ghost website is no longer meeting your requirements, WordPress is an excellent alternative, if you want to extend your website’s functionality and to scale your business. After all, WordPress has a plethora of plugins and themes in its repository and a massive developer community. 

Plugins and Extending Site Functionality 

WordPress has been the market leader in the Content Management Space for more than a decade which explains why it has such a huge library of plugins that cater to different types of websites and functionality requirements.  On the other hand, Ghost only has a few plugins available which makes it significantly less customisable than WordPress. With WordPress, you can easily transform your blog into a fully-featured online store by installing plugins like WooCommerce where Ghost is limited to blogging and content creation only.  


If you have been using Ghost primarily as a blogging platform, WordPress started as a blogging CMS, either using the Gutenberg editor or another page builder, you have the ability to create content yourself, you can add blocks like text, images, videos, gifts and sliders and style them by embedding additional CSS. It is a little more user-friendly than the Markdown editor that Ghost has.  

What Does Migrating From Ghost to WordPress Involve? 

Moving or converting your website away from Ghost to WordPress unfortunately can’t be done at the click of a button, therefore engaging a development team that are experienced using both the Ghost and WordPress/Woocommerce platforms will ensure that the transition between platforms is a success and will take the stress out of the conversion for you. 

We can assist with replicating your existing website design and complete any design or functionality enhancements that you may require, we can help you migrate your website, pages, posts and all of your data to WordPress to save you the hassle of doing it manually. We have some specialised tools at our disposal which can help speed up the process. 

Moving to a different CMS can be daunting, especially when you are not completely familiar with the new platform and how it works, and you have been using your old platform for a long time. But engaging an experienced development team that can not only build the website for you, assist with the transition to the new platform and provide training on documentation to assist you with self-administering the new site yourself can make all the difference. 

CircleBC are WordPress Experts, our team have built hundreds of WordPress sites and can help you with the transition from Ghost to WordPress, we can provide you with documentation and training on how to manage the website yourself and provide ongoing website hosting, technical support and maintenance along the way. Whether you want to simply migrate your content and layout in its existing form over to WordPress, or do an entire redesign and redevelopment of your Ghost site, we’ve got you covered. We can also help you with setting up the following: 

  • Website Hosting 
  • Email Hosting and Migration 
  • Custom Data Migration 
  • Custom E-commerce Functionality and third-party integrations 

CircleBC have helped businesses throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin with WordPress Website Development and Support. 

So if you are located in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania (TAS), Northern Territory (NT), give the team at CircleBC a call, the initial consultation is complimentary and obligation free 1300 978 073.