Want to Migrate Your BigCommerce Website to WordPress?

Not happy with your BigCommerce eCommerce website? Many businesses who are not satisfied with their current websites are migrating websites from Big Commerce over to WordPress.

For many businesses, BigCommerce has been a very reliable eCommerce platform for many years, it is fully-hosted meaning the business owner doesn’t need to worry about their own hosting, has lots of built in features, offers omnichannel selling integrations, can be linked to other digital marketplaces, has abandoned cart recovery tools built in and a feature rich backend which allows for setting shipping rates, managing marketing efforts and also content management, inventory and management of orders.

Unfortunately, because BigCommerce is fully hosted, in some cases if there is a complex customisation required or you need an add-on that isn’t available in the marketplace that functionality upgrade may be impossible, as the software is not that customisable. Therefore migration from BigCommerce to another platform may be necessary, the good news is that WordPress is a great option.

Is WordPress and WooCommerce The Answer To Your BigCommerce Problems?

WordPress in conjunction with WooCommerce which is the eCommerce extension to WordPress, offers almost endless features, functionality, flexibility and customisability, the platform overall has improved significantly over the past few years. WordPress has been able to deliver on complex requirements for  thousands of eCommerce and membership sites all over Australia. With a WordPress Website, you completely own and control your website, it is hosted on a server that you control.

With WordPress being an Open Source project, in combination with a global community of WordPress users and developers, there is a steady stream of WordPress plugins and extensions being developed, by installing one of these free or paid plugins on your website you are able to add features and functionality to your website.

It is well known that customising BigCommerce either isn’t always possible and if the customisation is doable it won’t be cheap, there also aren’t that many choices when it comes to themes, templates, extensions and plugins available on Big Commerce as there are with WordPress and WooCommerce.

If you are stuck with BigCommerce and are having issues with flexibility, functionality or costs, converting BigCommerce to WordPress and Woocommerce is an option you should definitely consider.

WordPress websites are also known to help your SEO. WordPress is a great alternative for any business owner looking to switch platforms and to cut down on costs.

Over 5.1 Million Websites around the world use WooCommerce. WooCommerce has been downloaded over 123 Million Times.

So Why Should You Consider Migrating Your BigCommerce Website to WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most utilised open-sourced website platforms used by business owners. WordPress has in excess of 60% market share when it comes to content management system (CMS) based websites.

WordPress boasts many built-in features to assist businesses with content marketing and management, allowing you to work on your own SEO and with many aspects of WordPress pages, images and content able to be self managed with a bit of training.

One of the other benefits of the popularity of WordPress is that there is a wealth of information online, on websites and videos on YouTube providing thousands of hours of free training and education.

What Does Moving From BigCommerce to WordPress Involve?

If you are considering a change Over from BigCommerce to WordPress, unfortunately the transfer can’t be completed at the click of a button, it is important to engage a development team that are familiar with both BigCommerce and both WordPress and Woocommerce to ensure that the transition over to the new system is successful.

We can work with you to determine if there are any changes you want to make to your current site design and layout, and if there are any improvements you want to make, we can then proceed with the reproduction of your front end design and layout, migrate your data and all of your product information from your old BigCommerce site to your new wordpress site and ensure that all your products and data are migrated over to save you the trouble.

Our team can manage the migration and transition from BigCommerce to WordPress end to end, from the front end design, content and images, through to website hosting and changing the DNS records. We complete a full round of testing and optimisation of the site prior to go-live.

Moving to a different CMS can be a daunting process, especially when you are not familiar with the platform you are moving to and how it works. CircleBC are WordPress Experts, our team have built hundreds of WordPress sites and can help you with the transition from BigCommerce to WordPress, we can provide you with documentation and training on how to manage the website yourself and provide ongoing website hosting, technical support and maintenance along the way.

Whether you want to simply migrate your content and layout in its existing form over to WordPress, or do an entire redesign and redevelopment of your BigCommerce site, we’ve got you covered. We can also help you with setting up the following:

  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting and Migration
  • Custom Data Migration
  • Custom E-commerce Functionality and third-party integrations

CircleBC have helped businesses throughout Australia, including Sydney,  Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin with WordPress Website Development and Support.

So if you are located in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Tasmania (TAS), Northern Territory (NT), give the team at CircleBC a call, the initial consultation is complimentary and obligation free 1300 978 073.