How to setup Google reCaptcha on your WordPress Website?

Most of the websites today have several contact forms. For security purposes, it’s a best practice to integrate Google reCaptcha. It is a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

There’s a number of WordPress plugins that allows Google reCaptcha integration. If your website has these plugins installed, you will be asked to install an API key pair. This may sound so technical but is really just a simple step to finish up the integration and to start protecting your website. Here’s a sample configuration form, the look will depend on the plugin that you’re using.

To fill the key fields, just follow this link and click Get reCaptcha. If you are not yet signed in to your Gmail account, you’ll be prompted to login. After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the registration page. Just fill the required fields based on your website information as shown below. When done, just click Register.

It will then show the information that you need to configure reCaptcha on your website. You’ll notice that there are other ways on how to integrate reCaptcha (client side and server side) but these are done by the WordPress plugin that you have so no need to worry about it unless you want to learn the integration from scratch.

Just fill the fields with the given keys above, then save. You can now check your website’s form if reCaptcha is successfully integrated. Just note that doing this will not automatically add the reCaptcha widget on all of your forms, you will still need to setup your forms to include reCaptcha depending on your plugin.

If you happen to experience this warning, it is mostly because of wrong key integration or the website’s domain is not yet registered. So before panicking, check reCaptcha key configuration and the list of the websites on your Google reCaptcha dashboard. This usually happens when the website is migrated to a new domain and it’s a must to register the new domain to recognize reCaptcha.

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