Adobe Business Catalyst Conversion to WordPress

Looking tо соnvеrt your website from Adobe Business Catalyst tо WоrdPrеѕѕ?


Is your business website built using Adobe Business Catalyst? Thousands of businesses have been left wondering now Business Catalyst is no longer supported by Adobe. All Adobe Business Catalyst Servers will be taken down as of the 26th of March, 2021. Therefore you will need to make a change and look into a Business Catalyst Conversion.


Like many others that might have been left high and dry with Business Catalyst being end of life’d, if you are looking to Convert your Adobe Business Catalyst website to WordPress, you have come to the right place.


CircleBC are WordPress Experts and can help with getting your existing website converted over. The fact that we also have experience in Business Catalyst is an added benefit.

We understand how daunting and nerve-racking this process can be, it doesn’t need to be. We are here to help. The positive of running a self hosted WordPress website is that your business will have full control over the site, approximately 30% of ALL websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, meaning that the platform is not going anywhere, also, the hosting will be on a server of your choice and you will have a very large pool of talent to help you manage that site.

We can guide you through the process and the range of options available including:

  • You might be looking at just Converting Your Existing Business Catalyst Website to WordPress, we can duplicate your existing design and do a straight rebuild and migrate the content,
  • Or if you are looking at Refreshing your design and upgrading to a completely New WordPress Website we can help you with that also.

Migrating your website from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress is easy, we can help you with setting up:

  • Website Hosting
  • Email Hosting And Migration
  • Custom Data Migration/ Ecommerce Clients


Unfortunately for many of you considering a Business Catalyst conversion to WordPress it is a forced necessity, but on the flip side there are many advantages to using WordPress over Business Catalyst including:

  • Third Party Extensions and Plugins to extend the functionality of your site quickly and easily
  • Secure Login Areas for your clients to access content
  • Robust Ecommerce capability with a broad spectrum of payment gateway integrations
  • Access to thousands of templates and broad range of page builders and editors which make changing content much easier for the average user
  • If you are selling a service or running a membership site, you can setup Recurring Billing And Subscriptions
  • You can deploy and self administer your own Blog And News page.


Whilst it might be annoying that Adobe Business Catalyst wont be around any more, why not focus on the positives, it could be a good time for a change and a good opportunity to refresh the site and deploy some more functionality, including adding analytics and marketing automation tools.

It is safe to say that you want an easy and hassle-free Business Catalyst Conversion over to WordPress, we will do our best to help make the process as painless as possible. If you are interested in converting your Website to WordPress give CircleBC a call on 1300 978 073.


CircleBC have helped businesses throughout Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart with WordPress Website Development and Support.